Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thou Shalt Not Rot: 2012 Schedule

2012 Schedule

We are planning one event a month that will nudge outward, even if only by a hairs-breadth, the boundaries of our world. We will also blog our results, good or bad, mundane or extraordinary. The more unexpected the results, the better.

January: Burns Night at Taproom/ Walkin’ downtown

February: Photos with old couch around town

March: Cathedral/Holocaust Museum (contrast)

April: World Book Day, April 23 (

May: Geo-caching

June: Pick up game/ meet up adventure outing

July: Poetry reading/author reading

August: Auction

September: Casino

October: Larping/Boffer (even attend a meeting at the very least)

November: Visit a religious center of some sort (shrine, temple, church; Islam, Hindu, Unitarian Universalist, Christian Scientist, Jehovah Witness, Mormon, radical Pentecostal…etc.)

December: Survey in public place--Christmas themed

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