Sunday, March 2, 2014

January Mission: Panel Discussion And.......2014 is going to rock with all the not-rotting we plan on doing!!!

So, here we are again. The Not-Rot team-of-two took a break from blogging because of life changes and general laziness, but we're back and we're sexier than ever. Even without keeping the blog current, 2013 was still eventful and full of death-prevention of all sorts, including thrift-art design, website building, video creation for The Muse, and serving at The Bridge and Rainbow House. No sitting around and letting our ass fuse with the sofa cushions going on here.

For January, Matt and I went to a panel discussing interfaith activities happening in the St. Louis area. It was interesting. Some may criticize these attempts at dialogue as wasted breath--pie-in-the-sky talky talk--but discussion is to people fighting like dummies over what heaven will be like. I had a wonderful chance to meet for coffee with a panelist after the event, so, that's nice. You can read the interview with Leslie here. It was neat to see people from non-faith, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism backgrounds talking together amicably and actually working towards a peace that doesn't diminish diversity. I can't wait to see what happens next as things move from talk to action.