Sunday, June 8, 2014

February Mission: Comic Con Saint Louis!!

So, why did we go to Comic Con?

Simply put…we wanted to see what all the weirdness was about. That about sums it up. It may shock people to know, but neither Matt nor I have ever been to a Comic Con. I was as much interested in the ethos of weird people (including myself) enjoying weird people as I was anything else. I also wanted to see the homemade cosplay costumes, and I wasn’t disappointed. Wow. In every nuance of that word. Except the non-weird nuance. I also wanted to see celebrities, and I ended up seeing more than I’ve ever seen at one time in my whole life: Lou Ferrigno, Ralph Macchio, William Shatner, two actors from Walking Dead, Adam West (Batman) and whoever played Robin (sorry man), and floating around somewhere was the dude who played Dr. Who. We even sat through a panel discussion/QA with Adam West, dude who played Robin, and one with William Shatner. Let me tell ya, Billy Shat is one sharp 83-year-old s.o.b.!

I brought my 7-year-old daughter with me and let her experience all the weird-plight. We both thought the coolest part of the event was being able to meet some of  the amazing comic book artists who were actually drawing live requests for a $20 fee. Pretty awesome.

Ultimately, I think the thing I really took away is that there is a place for everyone, and a community who will love and embrace them. Maybe it will grow more common in our culture of global socialization to find a community who shares one’s interests and hobbies, no matter how unique, and having this confidence might help many people with unappreciated talents and values to endure environments where they might feel alone. But they are not alone.

And maybe I’m not either.

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